Al-Andalus Holding is a closed joint-stock company, with several companies, which falls under its management, active in the manufacturing industries in the field of extruding, forming, assembling and painting aluminum and glass processing and the trade of accessories used in this field. As well as the contracting of supply and installation related activities of the group’s companies. A number of factories follow those companies in Riyadh and Dammam, and there are plans under consideration for expansion by opening new factories in other cities. It also has a number of warehouses, facilities, and logistical support of the system.
Al-Andalus group companies are considered one of the oldest and largest companies operating in this activity.


Granada Aluminium Factory Co.

Founded Aluminium Factory Granada in 1971 in the city of Riyadh as a recent national designed to meet the needs and desires of the customers of aluminum products, one of the most important companies of the group Andalus Holding and since then she has been in constant evolution has contributed to consolidate its position as a leader in the Saudi market in the area of its business.
The most important works of the factory of windows and aluminum doors and facades of glass construction and glass facades and domes and spacers, kitchens, stained glass and ornate and others are manufactured with high quality and precision and great skill, dependent on specific sectors and products leading European companies specialized in the field of aluminum and its products as a (Fabim) Italian accessories company (Somfy) French machines blinds (Ectropion) Inc.


Al-Andalus Aluminium Extrusion & Forming Factory Co.

Was the opening of the factory in 2011 and this was the product of experience and inexperience in market requirements and needs for years to more than fourty decade in the group Andalus Holding to work in aluminum and accessories belong to him and is a factory drag from modern factories in terms of work and method of extrusions is integrated plant contains the latest appliances in the areas of clouds in conformity with the international standards and specifications based on the factory team of engineers, supervisors and workers, the owners of the experience and skill to work.
We are proud of the factory Andalus pull all that we produce aluminum profiles, including simple and complex, and we also have a variety of sections in the construction, industrial, commercial and decorative clips. And contains a factory on the line of dipping a modern and also powder paint as well as for the production of all colors, aluminum colors and oxidative stress from varying sources of high quality with a commitment to the smallest multiple global standards of quality.
Our policy is based on a constant quest to be good when Dhan client and meet the wishes of the highest quality and fastest time.


Saudi Aluminium CO.

Saudi Arabia has been the establishment of the company’s aluminum since more than 30 years as one of the factories in support of a group of Andalusia Holding It is a factory paint specialist sectors and Allexan aluminum and glass factory is proud to create it as soon as it has been agreed with the Italian company Decoral famous and specialized aluminum paint colors, wood and marble.
It was the grace of God to start producing these colors as the first manufacturer in the world produces these items And still receive a high turnout at all the slides in the Kingdom and the Middle East.
In pursuit of excellence and the development has been the establishment of a line of paint colors marble slabs Allexan including more than 96 color with a Maaraf on behalf of our clients (Dakosan) have used these panels industry best types of domes best finishes and aesthetic forms.
As the factory paint all sectors of aluminum and accessory colors kicking and multiple other colors.
Using polyethylene powder Eroythan and polyester.


Al-Andalus Glass Factory CO.

Al-Andalus Glass Factory CO. is proud to include two glass manufacturers. These plants are one of the largest projects of Al-Andalus holdings group, contributing to boost the Saudi Renaissance and keeping up with the demands of the construction market and provision of architecture services in Saudi Arabia.
In particular, projects that depend on facades, doors, domes and pyramids and glass cutters.
Whether it was large government projects or special projects or even commercial complexes.
Giving a touch of beauty since glass gives wonderful colors and reflections of the modern man’s capacity for innovation in methods of architecture and how to take advantage of the tremendous development of that.
So was the need to provide machinery and equipment as well as staff and sources capable of managing the large and multiple uses of glass.
We have provided in Al-Andalus glass company all that would meet the needs of the Saudi market for techniques, mechanisms and staff able to provide supply for any request, whatever the specifications and requirements of the glass through the establishment of the factories which are able meet and provide for applications for glass with global specifications and high quality and to certified warranty and not to forget the reasonable price for all of that. As our qualities are recommended by construction consultants and architecture since we have certificates from several international destinations.
The factories have three lines for tempering glass in the latest models as well as safety glass production line known as (laminated glass) and other production lines.


Cordoba Palaces Contracting Co.

and Alclading and automatic doors, aluminum facades and construction. And acquires the latest equipment installation and our engineers, pervisors and skilled workers and have the experience of what enables them to work in a technical and mastering high It is based primarily located in the street Assembly the first industrial city in Riyadh Has been working in many important projects, including the
Horizon Contracting
Roshan Mall
Joe Mall
Calleri Qar’awi – Jeddah
Khurais Plaza – Jian
City Plaza project
Project Shifa Foundation Ahdim
Fawaz project Hukair
Project star Ctesiphon
Hadithi Mall
Khayat Jeddah Center Project
Hira Mall in Jeddah
Shatty Mall in Dammam
Salam Mall
Carrefour Mall – Makkah Road
Al Falah for cars
Knoll Plaza
Jian Mall of Dhahran
Aziz Mall in Jeddah
Flamengo Mall – Carrefour
It also carried out some works into the twin towers Kingdom and Faisaliah.



The Safa company was founded in the early seventies as a modern national company to meet the various needs of manufactured aluminum products.
And since then until the present day, it is in constant evolution in this area. The management building as well as the main factory are located in the first industrial area in Dammam. The company has showrooms in the four main cities of Dammam, Jubail, Ehsa’a and Riyadh. It is also officially registered in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The company consists of 400 employees; including administrators and engineers which have been carefully selected, aluminum and glass technicians whom are highly experienced, aluminum casting experts, experienced glass workers, stainless steel technicians and skilled workers. The factory is also equipped with European machinery which are high-tech with modern equipment to meet the needs of customers and please them. The Safa aluminum company masters manufacturing all kinds of aluminum and glass such as doors,windows,curtain walls, structural glazing systems, cladding, double glazing, skylights, roller shutters, sand blasting, kitchen cabinets, drawers and stained glass. The production line also includes stainless steel works without limitation and thermally insulated aluminum systems.
Since its inception, the company obtained high standards of quality and accuracy in the selection of raw materials by securing their durability against weather factors and providing a large diversity and attractive colors.
Including many practical aluminum options such as bronze, champagne, and colors of wood(in different forms and designs) and thermal powder paint colors such as white and beige, to meet all customer needs and tastes.


Taliaَh Trading & Industrial Co.

largest decoration companies specialized in trading and manufacturing of various products for the world of post-construction.
For more than thirty years in this area enjoys an excellent reputation in the forefront of the Saudi market also enjoyed equally reputable in neighboring Arab countries. Today, the leading symbol of quality and pluralism through their products they offer to their customers.
The center is located at the company’s main compound countries – Eastern Ring Road – Exit 17 the city of Riyadh, in addition to owning the forefront shows and factories in all major cities of the kingdom, such as Dammam, Jeddah and Buraidah. The total area used by the company is about 30,000 square meters with more than 130 of the workforce qualified professionals and owners of great experiences.
In addition to that all the company’s factories designed with the latest equipment and machinery, which provides the highest quality in the re-manufacturing of products for the interiors.
Since founded Vanguard Bearing in mind that the quality is the soul of the success of any trade, so I
gave full attention to make quality shining in the sky, so the Vanguard operates its utmost to maintain this reputation through the satisfaction of their customers and maintain their confidence in their products.
Vanguard offers high-quality products for roofs, walls, floors, doors and windows, as well as ramps, moderndesign and upscale appearance.