Al-Andalus Traiding Company

Andalus Trading Co. is one of the main companies in the Saudi market and the Gulf in the area of aluminum and glass and their accessories through an extensive network of branches and distributors in all parts of the Kingdom and neighboring countries.

The company was launched before four decede, during this period it contributed to the boom in the urbanization of Saudi Arabia through supplying  aluminum and glass and their accessories for consumers. The company has been providing, since its beginnings and until now, high quality products. Now, the company became a guide and a name for high quality products, and an attractive center to manufacturers from all over the world and exclusive representative of many agencies and global brands.

Today there are many companies that Andalus Trading Co. is proud to cooperate with and provide their products in the domestic market, for example:

By the summary to the experience in the market, the company took the decision to launch the private brand
  • world-class high quality aluminum and glass accessories.
  • The customers trust in our products have made a wide acceptance of this brand among our customers.
  • Al-Andalus trading is still eager to provide everything new in the field of aluminum and its accessories and glass and its accessories with a commitment to quality and standards.
  • Also the company is tracking global market and everything new to bring what is useful.


The aims for Andalus Trading Co. to become the leading company on the level of corporate sector and the accessories of aluminum and glass accessories are also in the Gulf region as they are in Saudi Arabia.



  • Al-Andalus Trading Co. is committed to providing a high level trade of products and services according to the highest quality standards.
  • The application of all international standards in the field of energy and environmental conservation.
  • Company believes Alanlds trade firmly believe that the process of development of the company linked to its human resources.
  •  Commitment to continuing the quality and credibility.