Al-Andalus Trading Company

Andalus Trading Co. is one of the main companies in the Saudi market and the Gulf in the area of aluminum and glass and their accessories through an extensive network of branches and distributors in all parts of the Kingdom and neighboring countries.

The company was launched before four decede, during this period it contributed to the boom in the urbanization of Saudi Arabia through supplying  aluminum and glass and their accessories for consumers. The company has been providing, since its beginnings and until now, high quality products. Now, the company became a guide and a name for high quality products, and an attractive center to manufacturers from all over the world and exclusive representative of many agencies and global brands.



A registered trademark of the finest types of aluminum accessories and construction work under the name of Al Andalus Trading with extensive experience for more than forty decede in aluminum and its accessories, as well as glass and its accessories.
The brand ATCOo is manufactured by the biggest word-renowned factories, and under the finest European and American standards.
With our confidence in our products, we offer a five years guarantee against any errors in manufacturing. Professionals and workers behind ATCOo products are dedicated to creativity and development to give the customer the widest range of distinctive products with competitive price and high quality.
Your use of the ATCOo products ensures you with success and safety.